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Le Cordacord is the English version of China Fiber Optics Online (CFOL) which was established in June 2000 by 3 veterans. CFOL aims to help Chinese readers acquire latest and important information in this industry, and provide a Chinese eye to view this industry. Our contributing reporters are from all main cities in China. These has allowed us to attract a global audience of more than 20,000 registered readers, more than 200,000 visitors every month, and a customer base covering telecom operators, equipment supporters, component manufacturers, technology experts, financial and educational institute across global regions including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North America, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Denmark and so on.

Le Cordacord is set up to provide news and market information in China for foreign readers to catch the latest change in Chinese market, especially the fiber optics industry market, and successfully deal with the trade in China.

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Jacques is a founder of CFOL, graduated from the Southeast University with master of fiber optics communication. He has extensive experience in high tech research and marketing management.

Jacques has spent the last ten years in fiber optics industry at Molex as marketing manager, from R & D to marketing director at Photonics and R & D engineer at Nanjing Fujitsu. Jacques keeps a profound and unique view of this industry.

Customer servic

• Online Advertising
• Job head hunting
• Custom-built Market research
• Report and information
• Live event organization

Hold and assist various conference

• December 2003--CFOL organized " FTTH forum " in Guangzhou
• December 2005--CFOL " Top in Fiber Optics Industry " award ceremony successfully held
• November 2006--CFOL set up " broadband change life " FTTH conference with government in Wuhan China
• April 2007--CFOL assisted Xiamen Photoelectron Association to hold "IPTV, FTTH" conference

Information Consulting in China

• July 2004-- fiber and cable market research report issued
• May 2005-- fiber optics component market research report issued
• January 2006-- fiber optics market in Japan report issued